Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

Do you need access to our water?

No, our window cleaning company has invested in professional vans that contain large water tanks of purified water inside them. This means that we do not need to use your water supply to clean your windows.

What is pure water?

As water moves through the ground, it picks up minerals and other small impurities. These impurities in the water are left behind when the water evaporates in the form of streaks and spots on your windows.

Water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure. The pure water is then pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush.

Why use pure water?

If you use normal water over a window and wait for it to dry you will notice that it will leave streaks on your glass. These streaks are caused by chemicals, minerals and other imperfections in the water itself. The pure water which comes through our hot water fed pole system passes through a filtration system to remove these impurities, allowing for a 100% perfect clean of your windows, frames and sills.

Can you clean windows above conservatories?

Yes, with our high reach hot water fed pole cleaning system windows previously not accessible to most window cleaners are not a problem.

Can you clean heavily soiled windows?

Even the heaviest deposits can be removed effectively with our hot water fed pole window cleaning system. Our hot water fed pole system can even clean heavily soiled windows that are covered with such deposits as moss, thick dirt and bird droppings.

This makes our professional hot water fed pole system the only window cleaning tool that should be used on your windows.

Can you clean conservatory roofs?

Yes we can clean conservatory roofs with our hot water fed pole system. We are able to clean these to a high standard without the need to climb onto your conservatory roof thus eliminating any possible damage caused to your conservatory roof.