About ECO Window Cleaning

ECO Window Cleaning

We are a Southport based company offering window cleaning, conservatory cleaning, Gutter cleaning and much more to residential and businesses in Southport, Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

We are much more than traditional window cleaners; we offer high reach pole cleaning. Our high reach pole cleaning is unique. We offer a hot water Deionised ECO friendly high reach pole cleaning service. Although we are still classed as window cleaners we can offer all forms of cleaning for the exterior of your property or business. Please see our services for a brake down of the services we can offer.

What is High Reach Deionised ECO Window Cleaning?

In Southport, Liverpool and surrounding areas we live in a hard water area. As water moves through the ground, it picks up minerals and other small impurities. These impurities in the water are left behind when the water evaporates in the form of streaks and spots on your windows.

Using traditional window cleaning methods, we would have to remove the water and hence the streaks with a squeegee or leather, utilising ladders to gain access to the windows above ground height. This practice whilst traditionally the normal can leave ladder marks or scuffs on your walls.

At ECO Window Cleaning North West we use a method of window cleaning known as the pole system. You may have noticed increasing numbers of window cleaners using a brush on a telescopic pole to clean windows. These are known either as a Reach and Wash, Pure Water, or a Water Fed Pole System (WFP).

How does the Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System Work?

Water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure. The pure water is then pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush. The brush agitates the dirt and the purified water rinses it away. Any water left on the window dries completely clear to leave a smear free finish.

What are the advantages of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning systems?

Traditional window cleaning requires detergents. Using our hot pure water means we can clean windows without them. This is better for the ECO friendly and leaves windows cleaner as there is no detergent residue for dirt to cling to so your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Our Hot Water Fed Pole System means no more ladder holes in your lawn or footprints in your flower beds. It maintains your privacy as we don't climb up to your windows. Your sills and frames won't be damaged by having a ladder leaning on them or marking your walls.

Windows that are inaccessible to ladders, including windows above conservatories, can be cleaned safely and with ease from the ground. Using the Hot pure water system removes the risk of a window cleaner having an accident on your property.